Comfort Trade Ultimate Team

Never heard of so called Comfort Trade? Comfort Trade, short "CT" is one way to transfer coins from seller to buyer. In this method if you are the buyer you firstly pay the sum. In the next step you tell the seller your account data and one backup-code. With this the seller can login once. He will transfer the coins with an automated system. You should only choose this method when you really trust the seller. Big only shops in our system can usually be used for this process. Comfort Trade is way more comfortable and if used correctly the risk of getting banned for coin-buying is also lowered.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One advantage is based on the amounts of coins you get. Regulary there is a 5% penalty by EA who takes that as some kind of transaction fee. Usually this fee does not apply if you choose comfort trade because the transfer is done automatically and instantly from the farmer accounts. The reason why we said that the ban risk is not that high is based on the technique the coin shops uses: they have good experience in coin transfering and their systems are built not to be deteceted by EA´s algorithms. In the end no one will adhere if something happens with your account. In the end the transfer is done real quick. Since most shops working highly automated the transfer should be finished within 15-30mins. Of course on huge disadvantage is the data protection or privacy. Of course you have to tell the seller your password and secret question. If you want to be 100% sure, just change your password and secret question before and after every comfort trade. Theoretically coin shops could save your data and try a login into your account later on if you don´t change your password but they still need a login verification code. This code is told them once but if they want to change the account email or something else which is personal they need another code. So if you only give them one you should be quite fine and nothing should happen. As EA and Origin can change their process anytime you should just be a bit careful with such sensitive data.

Backup-Code Fifa 20

Since Fifa 17 was introduced, also Backup-Codes were introduced. We already mentioned them in the paragraph above but we want to take a deeper look into them in this section as well. The first time you login into your account where the browser has no cookie - meaning new computer/tablet/smartphone/different browser/incognito mode - you get asked to enter your security code. This code is sent to you via e-mail as long as you don´t own the EA App and using their authentication. After you entered the code you may choose your browser to remember this account which means a cookie will be saved and the next time you login in you do not need to enter the code again to access the web app. If you enter your origin account after entering one code and want to change some personal sensitive data like contact mail or password or security question you are asked to enter another code sent via e-mail. This is really good because if you have chosen comfort trade you need to give the shop one code but they can´t take over your account as long as they don´t get at least two backup codes.