Mule Account Fifa 20

If you want to switch your plaftorm from Playstation 4 to Xbox One and you need new Fifa 20 Coins, then a mule account could be the right choice to make. A Mule Account is a full FIFA Ultimate Team Account that was registered by someone else some time before and is already filled with coins. Generally mule accounts are filled by the coin traders and farmers. The mule account itself has also a worth of arround 10-15€/$ so it makes more sense to buy an account which is filled with 1 million coins or more already. One huge advantage is the missing EA fee. The account is already filled with coins so the transfer fee of 5% does not apply. After buying a mule account you get the login mail adress, the password, the security question and a few backup-codes so you can do the account changes by your own.

Mule account progress

At first you should login into At this point you need the first backup code. Then you should change the mail and the password. Also the security question should be changed. For this process you need the next backup code. Afterwards login into the web app. There you should check the coins first whether the amount is correct or not. In the final step you can login into the console. For PC users there is something special: For every FIFA license there is only one FUT-Account possible. That means if you buy a mule account for PC you always get one copy of FIFA aswell. Thats why the prices for mule accounts on pc are much higher.

Selling accounts

Certain marketplaces e.g. MMOGA are buying your accounts. In our example you would get a discount code for around 7-10$ for each account. A payout in money directly is not possible in most cases. You may want to know that they do not want only your FUT-Account data but also your PSN login data. So take care while selling your PSN-Account because if there are games on that account they will be gone as well.

Price comparison Fifa 20 Mule account

In our price comparison you can chose between players auction, mule account and comfort-trade. The you get the filtered prices for each transfer method.
It was not really clear to me, what advantages and disadvantages are there between the coin shops.  As I just changed my platform from PS3 to PS4 a mule account was really comfortable for me. I had some startmoney and was able to create my squad without losing a single minute. The only thing which makes me a bit sad is that legends are only available on XBOX. I would have liked to shot some goals with the legend Oliver Bierhoff - haha!