Cointransfer using player auction in Fifa 20

Besides Mule Account and Comfort Trade there is another option to transfer coins in Fifa 20 Ultimate Team which was the most common way in the past. In this method you use the normal transfer market for the transaction. You put players of your choice on the market and the coinshop will buy these players. As you lose the coins you have payed to buy the player you should think of this while you calculate the coinprice as well. As you see, this Mode has some disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages regarding Player Auction in FUT

A real advantage vs Mule Account and Comfort Trade is the data security. In this case you dont give any secret data like passwords to anyone. Also this works faster than mule account or comfort trade because the player auction runs full automated after you told the system what player exactly you put on the market. Since they introduced price ranges it is quite more exhausting to transfer coins with player auction because useless players can´t be sold for more than 10.000 coins. The only option is to use cheap informs which can be bought for 10.000 - 14.000 and can be sold for 150.000-200.000 coins. However, the cost here are also not refunded.   But this disadvantage is worth the price: Player auction has only half of the price of normal coins.  

What is "price range"

Price-Ranges were introduced in Ultimate Team to get rid of the coin trading. EA is setting up a scale. Within this scale the selling price of a player can be set. For example Edin Dzeko IF has a price range from 10k to 100k. That means you can not sell this player for more than 100.000 coins but as well not cheaper than 10.000 coins. If the player is selling good or most of the times at the end of the price range then the range will be adjusted and highered to 30k-150k for example. Same thing vice versa. With this process they want to prevent that you are able to use worhtless players for cointransfer. This was the way coins were traded in FIFA 13 - 15.